WWF Indonesia’s ‘Signing Blue’ Gets A New Artsy Partner

December 23, 2019
By Ili Farhana

There’s only one Earth and if we don’t take care of it, who will? Of late, the cries of caring more for the environment has become louder and more people banding together to work for the betterment of Mother Nature.

Edgy hospitality brand ARTOTEL is the latest to do so.  Recently they revealed their ARTOTEL Earth programme and announced that they have collaborated with the WWF-Indonesia Foundation (WWF-Indonesia) as the official partner of the Signing Blue Program.

Signing Blue is a platform initiated by WWF Indonesia to promote the practice and management of responsible eco-tourism in Indonesia. The program encourages governments, business people, and communities to play a real role in protecting natural resources to create a responsible tourism system.

Registered hotels have been assessed as environmentally friendly hotels, ranging from reducing the use of plastics, regulating environmentally friendly waste, and contributing to the preservation of marine sustainability for now and in the future.

This month (December 2019), the first series of ARTOTEL Earth activation program in collaboration with WWF-Indonesia was carried out through the theme Reducing Plastic Waste, consisting of:


During December 2019, ARTOTEL will set aside Rp.10,000 from every room sold to donate to WWF-Indonesia, which will be used for maritime life preservation and plastic waste management activities in Indonesia. In return, guests will receive a comic zine by Mulyakarya that tells a story about Labuan Bajo, a tourist destination facing environmental issues due to a lack of proper waste management system. The comic book is also available for non-staying guests at every ARTOTEL hotels for IDR 10,000, which will also be donated to WWF – Indonesia.


Art Exhibition

Displaying art exhibitions by Mulyakarya, a group of artists from Yogyakarta, in the form of comics and paintings held simultaneously at all ARTSPACE of ARTOTEL Group properties from 1 December 2019 to 31 January 2020. Guests can also purchase the artwork, where a percentage of the profit will be donated to WWF-Indonesia. The artwork displayed by two Mulyakarya artists, Danang Catur & Yudha Sandy, is a story reflecting their visit with WWF-Indonesia to Indonesia’s famous tourist destinations that are urgently in need for support from many parties to immediately implement a proper plastic waste management system. The result of this visit will also be displayed in a form of video to arouse social awareness about plastic waste.


Making Souvenirs “Upcycling” with TRI Upcycle

Through a collaboration with TRI Upcycle, a social enterprise that manufactures recycled goods (Upcycle) to reduce environmental waste, ARTOTEL Earth collected used linens from all properties to be transformed into a form of a grocery bag that can be purchased by guests. All proceeds from the ARTOTEL Earth’s grocery bag sale will be donated to WWF-Indonesia and TRI Upcycle. Funds by TRI Upcycle will be allocated for tree planting in Central Kalimantan.

Not only that, with this partnership, all ARTOTEL Group properties will implement Eco-Friendly operational system gradually in cooperation from WWF-Indonesia. Through ARTOTEL Earth, they are also open to collaborate with other local institutions that share the same vision and mission for environment.

Great move, ARTOTEL! Here’s to more movements from all sides of the industry to care for the Earth

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