The Many Ways Pancakes Are Enjoyed Across The World

November 27, 2019
By Syahirah Mokhtazar

The classic American buttermilk pancakes served with maple syrup and butter generally come to mind when we think about pancakes but there are many variations of this delicious treat around the world. Whether you enjoy it light and fluffy, sweet or savoury, thin or thick, it’s all up to personal preference. Here are the different ways pancakes are enjoyed across the world.



If you like thin pancakes, that means you’re a lover of French crepes. They’re thin, delicate and its overall taste is like a hybrid of a pancake, pita bread, and omelet. French crepes are never enjoyed plain on its own. The simplest of toppings would include melted butter, with sprinkled sugar on top. Others like to spread jam, cream or Nutella, fruits like bananas and strawberries.

There are thousands of French sweet crepes recipes online, but here’s the one you can refer to.


The French crepes are not only sweet, but they are also made savoury. But savoury crepes are typically called galettes made from wheat flour. With a darker appearance, they are usually topped with savoury ingredients such as eggs, cheese, sausage, mushrooms. Find recipe ideas for savoury French crepes here.

Another type of thin pancakes are Blini. They are small bite-sized Russian pancakes traditionally made from wheat or buckwheat flour and enjoyed with savoury toppings as well such as smoked salmon, crème Fraiche, caviar, and other garnishes. Find a recipe for Blini here.



The variations of thick pancakes are aplenty. Firstly, as mentioned, we have the classic American buttermilk pancakes served with maple syrup, butter and honey (find the recipe for that here). But then there are also Scotch pancakes, known as drop scones. These are typically smaller than the American pancake and is often served as a snack with jam or cream.

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In Indonesia, the pancakes are enjoyed thick as well. Called Serabi, the pancake is usually made with coconut milk and rice flour is eaten with golden-brownish coconut sugar syrup. It’s also popular throughout Southeast Asia and it is said that different provinces in various Asian countries have their own serabi recipes corresponding to local tastes.

The Danish Aebleskiver doesn’t exactly conform to the standard pancake shape as it’s served fluffy and spherical – think of it as pancake balls. You can find these in Scandinavian countries especially sold as street food especially during the busy holiday shopping season. Though they are round, they’re served light and fluffy sprinkled with sugar, just like doughnuts.

The Dutch baby pancakes are not exactly small in size so don’t be fooled by its name. It’s been ducked as a hybrid of a pancake, a crepe and a popover all cooked in a giant cast-iron skillet. Have it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, Dutch baby pancakes can be served both sweet and savoury. Find the recipes here.


Some pancakes are only made in savoury versions, like Potato pancakes for example. There are many different names for this as well, such as deruny, latkes, raggmunk, boxties, draniki. Crispy and tender, these are well-loved by many across the world. It’s made with grated potato, flour, eggs, cheese, and other condiments cooked over a large skillet then served with dollops of sour cream or any other preferred sauce.

Korean Pancakes or Pajeon is another savoury pancake that’s popular in Korea. Loaded with plenty of vegetable its batter is typically made with a mix of shredded potatoes and vegetable, then pan-fried to perfection! Crispy, savoury and a whole lot of goodness all in one makes it the perfect dish for the whole family. You can find a recipe for Pajeon here.

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