Rimowa’s ‘Never Still’ Campaign Unveils LeBron James’ Icon Film

June 23, 2019
By Syahirah Mokhtazar

Rimowa has been known for its iconic suitcases of German quality and timeless design but as a new generation of travelers seek brands that stand for something, the company stepped it up a notch in communicating the brand’s message and identity.

Last year Rimowa created a global campaign called ‘Never Still’ that depicts its rich history of making suitcases for purposeful travelers.

The campaign focused on telling stories of cultural icons whose lifelong journeys are ones of ambition, resilience and determination. Among them were tennis player Roger Federer, Louis Vuitton Men’s artistic director/ Off-White founder Virgil Abloh, model and activits Adowa Aboa and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa as well as Dior men’s jewelry designer Yoon Ahn.

This year, the campaign focuses on three other icons all featured in intimate portraits  – basketball legend, LeBron James; Artistic Director Dior Men’s and fashion designer Kim Jones and Chinese pianist prodigy Yuja Wang.

They all share an intimate view into their lives on the go, and how constant challenge drives them toward success.

Recenty, LeBron James’ film was launched following Kim Jones’ film early this month. Meanwhile Yuja Wang’s film have yet to be released.

The cast celebrate the mindset that has made them who they are  —  a  fundamental belief that mastery is a never—ending journey and that no one builds a legacy by standing still.

While this campaign echoes the ethos set forth by Rimowa  in  their  first  global brand campaign, this second  look  focuses  on  the  hardships  of  the  road,  both  real  and metaphorical, and the resilience and drive required to endure and thrive.

Shot across 4 countries by 3 different directors, every director worked closely with each individual icon to create an emotionally insightful, personal and visually distinct expression of their particular journey.

LeBron James’ film is directed by Philippe Tempelman and is a poetically incisive look at the importance of being driven beyond discomfort in order to pursue greatness.

In a media statement, Alexandre Arnault, CEO at Rimowa said: “Rimowa’s ‘Never Still’ is not a concept that loses steam afer a campaign – it’s an idea on which to build. As a brand dedicated to the heritage of consumer-focused craftsmanship, longevity and innovation, Rimowa is committed to participating in the conversation by adding meaningful cultural context to our product.

“Together with this group of diverse global icons, we continue to open up a conversation beyond travel to explore what it means and takes to move forward.”

Check out LeBron James’ film below.

(Courtesy of Rampacific PR Agency)



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