Instagram Accounts To Follow for Interior Inspiration

November 7, 2019
By Syahirah Mokhtazar

Being able to design your own home is a dream for many. Whether you are in the midst of updating your home or designing your home from scratch, the process can be challenging and demanding. From figuring out the overall concept to the tiniest details like the type of woods you’d want for your floor, a home décor project is no joke.

Whatever your aesthetic leanings may be, there are decorative guideposts all over the Internet through platforms like Pinterest and even Instagram. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find a bevy of  Instagram accounts that offer inspirations for aspiring interior decorators. From minimalist, to contemporary, or even boho-chic, the choices are endless.

Here are some Instagram accounts to follow for your interior inspo:



Martyn Lawrence Bullard is an interior designer, author, television personality whose career-defining moments include designing the Kardashian clans’ homes. He is also named as one of the world’s top interior designers by Architectural Digest so best believe his work is impeccable. If you’re all about glam and colours, here’s the page to follow.




This account by Justina Blakeney is the boho inspiration you need! Vibrant patterns, bold colours and plant décor, what’s not to love about this page.




If you’re into the minimalist style, this page is for you. Jane Ledger doesn’t offer much pictures with vibrant colours, instead she works with monochrome and neutral tones. Simple, modern, and sophisticated.



We love looking at the colour palettes this designer (Jessica Colaluca) creates based on her travel and nature photos. Sometimes it helps to look at colour palettes as it gives you a better perspective of what colour you truly want to paint your walls.



Everything about this page sets off a homey and warm vibe with a luxurious twist. Can’t help but to be in awe with almost every picture!


(Cover photo by Lexiwestergard_design / Instagram)

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